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Coming in iPhone 1.1.1. probably


Eagle-eyed reader Travis (thanks!) went over Engadget's photos of the O2 iPhone announced yesterday morning, and sussed out every little feature and update he saw on their iPhones that current owners don't have. We can only believe that the iPhones shown must have already been updated to 1.1.1, and that US iPhones, via Software Update, will receive these features soon.

  • Now Playing controls everywhere!
  • Double clicking the home screen goes to Favorites or iPod, similar to what the iPod touch can do now.
  • The iTunes WiFi Store (well duh)
  • Closed captioning, and the already leaked support for Video Out.
  • New Calculator icon-- to match the iPod touch as well
  • International keyboards
  • Network setup with VPN support and EDGE disabling
  • A "Carrier" menu, but your guess is as good as ours on that one. This could simply be a European thing, as their rules may not match American regulations. I really don't think AT&T would like to see Apple give the ability to unlock iPhones from their service in the next major software update.
Not listed: the disabling of ringtones, and a rollback of all the open source hacks so far. Ha, I'm kidding! Ok, maybe only about 50% kidding. Otherwise, looks like a nice update.

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