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Forum Post of the Day: Upgrade online with caution

Amanda Rivera

If you are among those who have not yet purchased the expansion, you might want to hold off from ordering it online. According to a recent forum post, some customers are having a bit of trouble when they attempt to buy The Burning Crusade through Blizzard's website: a bit of trouble in the wallet to be specific.

It appears that the website is having issues completing orders, but is totally fine with charging for them, sometimes multiple times. The blues offer suggestions on how to deal with the issue, ranging from contacting your bank about the multiple charges to clearing your internet cache or even trying a different card. This still leaves those who previously encountered the Error 202 in the lurch, so-to-speak, without much in the way of assistance.

Have any of you encountered this problem? It would seem to me to be a pretty big deal, getting charged like six times for a game that you don't even get to play. Do you have any suggestions for how to deal with this?

[thanks Matt]

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