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Mankrik's tuna fight, and Bioshock in Azeroth

Mike Schramm

A couple of sight gags have popped up on the forums over the past few days, and all of them are pretty darn funny.

First off, Mankrik (the character, not the NPC) recently raised a ticket with the GM about an Environmental problem. No, not glitching graphics or missing shaders-- he was worried about tuna overfishing, specifically in the Barrens. A GM even answered him, though he said it's nothing to worry about. Conspiracy? Click the picture above to see the whole, hilarious thing (and thanks to Zeph for sending this one along to us).

And after the jump, a couple of different players used WoW as a canvas to paint their favorite new game, Bioshock. It's my favorite shooter/RPG/Objectivist commentary on the 360-- at least until Halo 3 comes out. Click the link below to see some Big Daddies and Little Sisters, WoW-style.

These first two are done by Happycat of Destromath (or at least they were posted to the forums by her-- let us know if they're not hers), and they are terrific. You must click the pics to see the big versions-- the bottom one is my new wallpaper.

And inspired (I guess) by Happycat's work, Naile made this one in what looks like WoW Modelviewer. Also very cool, click to see big.

Nice job all! And if you think you can make some cool WoW art like this, don't forget that tomorrow is the deadline for the WoW Insider fan art contest-- send us some!

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