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New Guitar Hero II DLC adds Trivium, Atreyu and Protest the Hero

Justin McElroy

Guys who we were always afraid of in high school rejoice! The new pack of Guitar Hero II songs dowloadable through Xbox Live tomorrrow morning (according to ScoreHero) is sure to bring a smile to the Endless Mikes of the world. 500 points will net you (careful of profanity in these links) Trivium's "Detonation," Atreyu with "Right Side of the Bed" and Protest the Hero's "Bury the Hatchet." Wow, why do we have the sudden urge to draw pentagrams on a binder with Wite-Out?

This pack comes a month after the last offering: A My Chemical Romancextravaganza, and we're wondering if they're still going to feel like trotting out the black paramilitary gear when they hear how loud their new neighbors can scream. Here's hoping everyone gets along just fine.

[Thanks, Pat]

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