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Radiant Silvergun gunning for XBLA?


In an interview with 1UP, Masato Maegawa, president of Treasure (shooter developer extraordinaire) talked about the company's current and future plans for Xbox 360. Firstly, Maegawa mentions that Ikaruga will have many new features on Xbox Live Arcade, including online co-op and the ability to record and share movies. Also, Maegawa spoke about the 360 shooter that was first announced back in January. Apparently, development for the unnamed shooter has been slow because of the resource-intensive nature of developing for 360. Also, it seems that part of the shooter team is also busy porting Ikaruga to Xbox Live Arcade. Finally, and perhaps most intriguingly, Maegawa notes the possibility that Radiant Silvergun may be headed to XBLA complete with high definition visuals. The sound you just heard was the jaws of millions of shooter fans hitting the floor.

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