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Target expanding Blu-ray shelf space

Chris Powell

After hearing the great news that we're getting 13 new Blu-ray releases this week, even more good news has leaked out. Target is reportedly doubling its Blu-ray shelf space as the retail giant continues to favor Sony's HD format.

According to Video Business, Target has upped its previous 12 Blu-ray title slots to 24 slots and even more at some stores. "You're going to get a clear message when you see more Blu-ray than HD DVD, and you're going to think something is up," said Andy Parsons, from the Blu-ray Disc Association. "The message to the consumer is that one of these [formats] is dominating. You'll go with the masses and pick titles from the one that is likely to win."

We certainly hope Parsons is right. It's time to end this senseless battle!

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