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Uncharted videos map out better idea of gameplay


It's good to see games for the PS3 that really get the ball rolling for the console. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (which should have been called Uncharted: Prince Drake Gears Up for War Tomb Raiding) by Naughty Dog is one of those titles that brings hope. Naughty Dog, best known for the PS2's Jak and Daxter games, took a risk and started a whole new IP on the PS3. We'll find out if if the gamble pays off Nov. 20.

The video above and after the break look good, but we can't help notice that there are still some rough gameplay issues going on. Thankfully, we've seen solid development progression as we've reported on the title the last few months. We'll try to get more hands-on time with the game this week as we report from the Tokyo Games Show.

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