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HD DVD to start promoting HDi with logo

Ben Drawbaugh

HD DVD's interactive layer has had sort of an identity crisis, officially the DVD forum considers it is an implementation of their Advanced Navigation, but we like to remind them that it's the only implementation. During development, Microsoft code named it iHD, but later renamed it to HDi -- we believe this is because the name iHD is a little too Apple. Regardless of what you call it, it has proven to be the best interactive layer in the format war. Sure BDJ isn't quite done yet and this might change, but as of today there isn't much of an argument when you compare the releases. So like all companies today, they're going to make sure everyone know who's to blame for all that great interactive content and in the STB market that means a logo. Logos can be even more important when devices like the LG's BH100 support HD DVD, but not HDi. So look for the logo on every HD DVD player and HD DVD cover before throw down your cash.

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