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Kopin, SENSIO collaborate on new 3D eyewear

Darren Murph

We're still trying to figure out exactly who is buying up these gaudy 3D goggles, but apparently, the market is still lucrative. Consequently, Kopin and SENSIO have teamed up to deliver a new set of 3D eyewear, which "combines Kopin's BDM-922K binocular optical engine with SENSIO's S3D-220 decoder chip technology." Reportedly, the device will output "full-color, VGA-quality (640 x 480 resolution) video, creating the effect of a virtual 48-inch display viewed from a distance of seven feet," and it'll play nice with both NTSC and PAL signals. No word just yet on a price or release timeframe, but there's plenty of other options if you just can't wait around to boost your geek factor exponentially.

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