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Macworld 2008 registration now open

Scott McNulty

Macworld Conference & Expo is the social event of the Mac season. Once a year Mac geeks gather to bask in the glow of new products, learn some cool stuff, and meet Mac notables and fellow Mac users. I've been to my fair share of Macworlds, and it is always a good time.

That's why I am happy to report that registration for Macworld 2008, happening in San Francisco January 14 through the 19th, 2008, is open. If you register before October 5th you can get a free Exhibit pass (using Priority Code: 08-E-VF01) or special rates for the higher end passes (which allow you into the various classes and labs offered at the Conference).

TUAW will be on the ground, running around blogging, interviewing folks, and shooting some cool videos (well, at least we hope they will be cool). Hope to see you there.

Update: Left off the last digit of the code.

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