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TGS07: The Microsoft Community and International Press Party

Since Microsoft jumped the whole TGS gun a little early with their Pre-TGS press conference, the international press – who, we think it's safe to assume, probably didn't arrive a full week early – may have been feeling a little left out. To make up for any perceived slight, the software behemoth threw a bash at the adjacent Hotel New Otani's Shell Room, a tropical-themed pavilion past the parking lot.

After being given a press badge and a Japanese Halo 3 t-shirt, we made our way in, chomped on some eats, talked to some industry folks, and quickly realized we felt out of place. We have to say, for an American company that's having such a difficult time breaking into the Japanese market, they certainly managed to throw a party that made us feel like foreigners. Outside, the Japanese emcees yelled so loudly we sought refuge in the empty adjoining area that housed a good dozen or so 360 units. At one point, we turned to see an explosion of confetti celebrating who knows what. Regardless of the who's who, we quietly took our leave, eager to clamber back onto the JR Keiy? line and drag ourselves back to Shinjuku.

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