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The Weather Channel HD is ready whenever DirecTV is

Ben Drawbaugh

Yesterday was supposed to be the big day for DirecTV's new HD channels and while Dish subscribers can't stop poking fun at the competition, DirecTV's partners have to be just as disappointed. We heard that CNN HD was already waiting on DirecTV 10 to become operational, and now the Weather Channel HD also says DirecTV has their signal and is ready to go. Unfortunately, like many new so called HD channels, most of what the Weather Channel HD will show won't be HD at all. But rather than make the most of what they have, -- like CNBC HD -- they are going to upconvert most of their content out of the gate. They will have some of their Primetime programing such as Epic Conditions presented in HD, but say they'll need more time to upgrade the weather maps to HD. We find this especially interesting considering there are so many local news stations that've already upgraded their weather maps to HD, and they look fantastic.

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