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Call of Duty 4 beta ending Sept. 30, cap being raised

Justin McElroy

It's sad, but it's a fact you're going to have to deal with: The Call of Duty 4 beta will be coming to an end on Sept. 30. But, hey, don't think of it as the end of a beta. Think of it as the beginning of a month-long wait, at the end of which you'll able to pay $60 for the game that you've been enjoying for free. ... Hmm, let's move on, shall we?

This also means that if you had been putting off trying to get into the beta this is probably the opportune time to get up on it. It's going to be a crazy finish too, as the level cap is apparently being raised to 25 near the beta's end on Sept. 28. But let's be honest: At that point, will many people still be around to care?

[Thanks, Alexander]

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