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DS Daily: Handhelds and MMOs


We know a lot of DS owners who also play WoW MMOs. Are you among them? Back when this blogger was caught up in the throes of Final Fantasy XI, a quick bout of something-or-other on the DS was perfect filler for all the time spend waiting -- for airships, for people to gather for events, for time to pass, etc. Particularly convenient were "chore" games like Nintendogs or Animal Crossing. Waiting for everyone to get it together before you rolled out to fight a big nasty? Get your daily fruit-picking done while you wait. People still not there? Dig some holes. Etc.

Now, it's been a while since we've been caught up in an MMO, but we're sure that some things haven't changed, and that waiting is still part of the drill from time to time. Were we alone in filling the moments with a second game, or do some of you DS owners take this route?

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