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Guitar Hero III soundtrack to unlock bonus tracks, Sonic Youth added

Justin McElroy

You'll have plenty to occupy yourself with when Guitar Hero III drops at the end of next month. But if you still haven't gotten enough, Billboard is reporting that a soundtrack album for the game will be released on Oct. 30 (two days after the game). But this is no mere soundtrack. It has been imbued with the power to unlock three additional songs for the game via Xbox Live with an included code. They include "Carcinogen Crush" by AFI, Flyleaf's "Tina" and a remix of Marilyn Manson's "Putting Holes in Happiness" by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame.

Also included in the announcement is the nugget that Sonic Youth's "Kool Thing" will be included in the game, which is one we haven't heard before. (There's a full list after the break.) As far as we know, there will be no similar code for PS3, but Billboard makes no mention of it, so it seems unlikely.

[Thanks, Jack]

  • "Minus Celsius," by Backyard Babies
  • "Hier Kommt Alex," by Die Toten Hosen
  • "In the Belly of a Shark," by Gallows
  • "I'm in the Band," by The Hellacopters
  • "Avalancha," by Heroes Del Silencio
  • "Take This Life," by In Flames
  • "Ruby," by Kaiser Chiefs
  • "Closer," by Lacuna Coil
  • "Generation Rock," by Revolverheld
  • "Mauvais Garcon," by NAAST
  • "Radio Song," by Superbus
  • "Bulls on Parade" -- Rage Against the Machine
  • "3's and 7's" – Queens of the Stone Age
  • "Barracuda" – Heart
  • "Black Magic Woman" – Santana
  • "Cherub Rock" – Smashing Pumpkins
  • "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll" – Blue Öyster Cult
  • "Cult of Personality" – Living Colour
  • "Even Flow" – Pearl Jam
  • "Go That Far" – Bret Michaels Band
  • "Knights of Cydonia" – Muse
  • "La Grange" – ZZ Top
  • "Lay Down" – Priestess
  • "The Metal" – Tenacious D
  • "Miss Murder" – AFI
  • "Mississippi Queen" – Mountain
  • "My Name Is Jonas" – Weezer
  • "The Number of the Beast" – Iron Maiden
  • "One" – Metallica
  • "Paint It, Black" – The Rolling Stones
  • "Paranoid" – Black Sabbath
  • "Raining Blood" – Slayer
  • "Reptilia" – The Strokes
  • "Rock and Roll All Nite" – Kiss
  • "Rock You Like a Hurricane" – Scorpions
  • "Sabotage" – Beastie Boys
  • "School's Out" – Alice Cooper
  • "She Bangs the Drums" – The Stone Roses
  • "She Builds Quick Machines" – Velvet Revolver
  • "Slow Ride" – Foghat
  • "Suck My Kiss" – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • "Talk Dirty to Me" - Poison
  • "Through the Fire and Flames" – DragonForce
  • "Welcome to the Jungle" – Guns N' Roses
  • "When You Were Young" – The Killers

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