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McFarlane Halo toy details and price


We've got more details now about the Halo 3 action figures being produced by McFarlane toys and Microsoft. The six-inch tall dolls are expected to release in the spring of '08. We received a plethora of information regarding the proposed lineup of action figures back when they were announced in June, but now we have a much better idea of what they look like and price. Above you can see Cortana and after the break you'll find the Master Chief.

This would not be the first time in recent memory McFarlane and Microsoft collaborated. McFarlane also did the art for a few official Halo 3 controllers that came out this year as well. The action figures do look nice even as prototypes and the $14 price isn't half bad. And we do get a chuckle knowing somewhere out there this spring a little boy will play out inappropriate scenes between his Halo and Gears of War dolls action figures.

[Via BBPS]

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