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New patch coming to the PTRs and it's not what you think

Dan O'Halloran

Patch 2.2.2 is coming to the Public Test Realm later today according to Hortus. Instead of Zul'Aman or more Voice Chat testing, Blizzard is putting their October Holiday content up. The first event, Brewfest, is a new holiday for Azeroth. Early reports hint at attack kegs, signalling Dark Iron dwarves, racing rams, and even sausage eating. Sounds suspiciously like the annual German event, Oktoberfest.

After Brewfest, Blizzard will test the Hallows End festivities. Considering this long held event is on the Test server hints that Blizzard may have some new tricks or treats in store for us. Mountable flying brooms have already been spotted in the Test files. Hallows End is scheduled to start October 18th on the Live servers.

As long as we are on the subject of holidays, the Harvest Festival goes live on Monday and end on this Friday. Honor the champions of Azeroth by visiting their monuments.

Pre-made L70s are again available for copying, though it would seem odd that they are needed considering most holiday content of this type is not level dependent.

Either way, PTRs are up, pre-mades are available and preternatural pints are yours for the testing.

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