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Oversold H3 Legendary edition? Confirm your pre-order

Dustin Burg

Still clinging onto that secure feeling you got when you pre-ordered your copy of the Halo 3 Legendary Edition which guaranteed your cat helmet would be waiting for you on launch day? We're sorry to put you on edge, but we've heard a rumor that some stores have oversold Legendary edition pre-orders and won't be able to fulfill them all. Gasp!

Rumor on the street is that some retailers have oversold pre-orders on the Halo 3 Legendary Edition and that those who thought they were in line to get one will be sad to hear they won't. We've heard from a few fanboys that certain retailers like Best Buy and UK GAME stores can't fulfill Legendary pre-orders. Fearing the worst ourselves, we called our local Gamestop to check on the status of our coveted Halo 3 edition and they calmed our nerves stating that our pre-order would be fulfilled, but that they aren't accepting anymore pre-orders. We aren't saying this is widespread, all that factual or that you aren't getting your Legendary edition, we're just saying that we don't want you to be disappointed come Tuesday when the retailer you entrusted with your pre-order tells you they don't have it. It's better to be safe then sorry, so feel free to call up whoever you need to and confirm your pre-order.

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