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Target shifts shelf space away from HD DVD, for Blu-ray

Ben Drawbaugh

Recently Video Business noticed that Blu-ray now has more shelf space than HD DVD in the few Target stores they checked. They indicated that HD DVD retained it's space, while Blu-ray was allotted additional space. We're not so sure we agree, we went back and checked the pictures we took at the format war's anniversary and noticed that at the stores we checked in Florida, California, and Washington State; Target actually removed one row from HD DVD and shifted it to Blu-ray. While this is not a huge deal, it does show a trend in at least one major video retailer. More pictures after the break.

This is the picture we took back in April, you can see that both format had three columns.

This is the Target near Seattle, compliments of FormatWarCentral.

This was a readers store in California, thanks Dominic!

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