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Wii Zapper and Link's Crossbow Training packaging, details

Eric Caoili

Along with releasing a boxart preview of its upcoming Wii Zapper (due 11/19/07), Nintendo also shed some light on its bundled game, Link's Crossbow Training, earlier today. The shooter will have 27 stages in total over three different modes -- Target Shooting, Defender, and Ranger -- all of them multiplayer, but played one at a time.

Target Shooting plays as expected, asking you to hit bull's-eyes as they pop up and move around the screen. Defender pits you against a variety of enemies charging towards you from all directions; you can to aim off screen to turn Link and face your attackers. While playing in the Ranger mode, you can actually move Link by using the nunchuck's control stick, exploring and fighting your way through the different missions.

Blast past the post break for close-up shots of the Wii Zapper logo and the Link's Crossbow Training bit.

[Via Press Release]

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