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Watch new Halo 3 ad: "Two Soldiers Reminisce"

Justin McElroy

You've already seen the first two ads of the Halo 3 "Believe" campaign from The Museum of Humanity (P.S. Anyone else unnerved by the fact that humanity is going to need a museum?). The first featured an old vet talking about the war, the second, creepy living dolls. Though those were cool, and just a little sad, we have to say that the newest ad is our favorite so far.

"Two Soldiers Reminisce" seems like something that could have been pulled straight from The History Channel, were the History Channel more focused on things that didn't happen. Two vets talk about the weapons they used during the war with the Covenant and the intricacies of the Brute Spiker. Then things get a little teary when the old soldier alludes to the sacrifice the Master Chief may or may not have made. We're not sure if it makes us want to rush out and buy the game (we were probably going to do that anyway), but it is nice to see video game lore treated with this kind of reverence.

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