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An early look at Brewfest

Dan O'Halloran

Blizzards nod to the German beer festival, Oktoberfest, has hit the Test server as the new Azerothian holiday event, Brewfest. Festival grounds have sprung up outside all the starter cities including Silvermoon and Exodar. Each one has a steinload of new quests. Here's a quick overview of what's in store for the drunken celebrants.

Complimentary Stein

At the entrance to each festival ground is a greeter. He gives you a choice of Brewfest Steins. Each stein corresponds to a large keg that you can draw an unlimited supply of booze from. And believe me, you'll need it. He also gives you a rundown of all the activities you can participate in.

Food and Drink

In addition to the giant keggers, you can purchase holiday themed pretzels, cheeses, booze and sausages from vendors on the festival grounds.

Read on for Ram Racing, Souvenirs, Quests and Dark Iron Attacks!

Ram Racing

Outside the grounds an NPC will explain Ram Racing to you. Basically, you are given a Ram steed for a limited amount of time and a set of reins. When you click on the reins the Ram goes faster. The mount has three speeds, but the top two speeds fatigues the Ram, so you have to be adept at shifting speeds to avoid wearing out the poor bugger. There are races and also a quest to hit certain markers in the city on the ram within a limited amount of time.

Dark Iron Dwarves

Every hour, Dark Iron Dwarves try to attack the Brewfest Kegs. You'll find Complimentary Brewfest Sampler mugs around the grounds. Pick one up, drink it and you'll be able to throw the empty mug at the Dark Iron Dwarves. For every one you hit, you'll get a ticket.


In addition to the fun above, there are individual quests to do. Catch The Wild Wolpertinger requires you to kill an elusive menace that can only be seen when you are completely smashed. So drink up and try not to shoot your ally.

Pink Elekks On Parade has you shooing away the bothersome pachyderms from all four festival grounds of your faction. You'll receive Brewfest Tickets for your troubles.

Tickets and Souvenirs

Tickets are given out for completing many of the Brewfest quests. Every festival ground has their own Ticket Redeemer. There, you can turn in your tickets for Brewfest outfits, a miniature keg, a quest to get a permanent Brewfest Riding Ram mount or a pair of Brewfest goggles.

That's it for now. Remember that this is all on the Test server at the moment and subject to change before going live. But when it does, strap on your beer goggles and lederhosen. And a bucket. Because if you drink too much, you're going to be spewing it about the festival grounds.

We'll be covering the event here as it happens -- check out all the latest Brewfest news!

EDIT: MMO-Champion has more details on quests and screenshots! Click here.

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