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New Leopard update as release date nears


With more than a month to go before Leopard's release, Apple seeded a large update (6.5GB) to ADC members on Friday, AppleInsider reports. There are only two major issues left in this build.

First, the Archive and Install procedure seems to be failing on PPC-based machines, which is a biggie. The second issue wasn't clearly defined, but involves users with HP printers connected to their Macs (as well as users upgrading from a Tiger install that included an HP printer). At this point, Apple is suggesting developers do a custom install that excludes the HP drivers. That sounds like a pain to me, but I'm sure it will be fixed before October.

One final note: It looks like Leopard's iCal dock icon displays the proper date at all times! The dozen or so people who have clamored for this may rejoice.

[Via Infinite Loop]

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