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D-Link's DGL-4500 Gaming Router breezes by the FCC


D-Link and friends have been cashing in on "Xtreme" gamers and their lust for hardware for quite a few years now, and all that 802.11n floating around just means another shot at dipping into those pockets with aggressively styled hardware that works about as well as your mom's router does. Luckily the D-Link DGL-4500 Gaming Router breaks that mold slightly, offering a convenient OLED display to for checking out the status of your network -- a feature only found in a select few routers at the moment -- alongside the usual "Xtreme N" hyperbole. There's a USB port in back for sharing your flash drive with the network, along with "GameFuel engine" tech for improving gaming network performance, and some assorted security and range enhancements. Unfortunately, the DGL-4500 hasn't been announced just yet, but with an FCC approval under its belt, store shelves shouldn't be far off. And just in time for the holidays, imagine that. Check out an OLED closeup and a picture of the back after the break.

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