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Hahlo updates to version 2


iPhone (although I guess we should really say MobileSafari, since the iPod touch can do it too) Twitter client Hahlo got a nice little update over the weekend. Quite a few things have changed, so I'll just point you to Dean's blog to see all the new features. Basically, as he says, everything that you can do in Twitter can now be done right through Hahlo, including timelines, friends, direct messages, following, and so on. Links have been added inline, and now an @ reply is just a touch away. There are also a bunch of pretty links, including, which takes you to the username of the account you're looking for.

Very, very nice. Right now, I do most of my twittering through Twitterific, but with an app this nice on the iPhone (errr, MobileSafari), I might not need anything else.

[via DF]

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