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Harvey Birdman relies heavily on precedent


It's been assumed from day one that Capcom's Harvey Birdman game would be similar in gameplay style to, you know, their other lawyer game. This gameplay video confirms that not only are the games similar in format, they're identical. Listen to witness testimony (which is preceded by a "Witness Testimony" title graphic), press and present evidence to reveal contradictions, and search static environments for clues during investigation.

The difference? So much video! Everything is played out in full voice and as much animation as an Adult Swim show typically has. It really looks exactly like the show, interstitials and all-- and bringing in the show's real cast (minus, we assume, Steven Colbert) doesn't hurt either. The other difference, of course, is that Harvey Birdman shows no trace of anime style in its presentation or humor, opting instead for the surreal, rapid-fire randomness found in the show. A new Ace Attorney game with weird humor and a more upscale presentation? GUILTY of earning our $40!

Investigate the post break for more evidence of gameplay. Uh, investigate it by clicking. The evidence is a video. Yeah, we were going for a whole thematic thing.

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