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If they have to remake something ....


The age of remakes is upon us. If you're a DS owner, you can hardly escape it ... if you even want to! After all, Square Enix is certainly supplying us with plenty of remakes that promise heretofore unknown levels of awesome, but they're not the only ones crafting games both new and old for the world's best-selling system.

Everyone wants a piece of the DS pie, but the question is, which pies are we interested in? There are a lot of games out there, after all, and while we love the Wii's Virtual Console for bringing that (mostly, usually) authentic retro experience, the list of games that could benefit from an update or touchscreen functionality is extensive.

We would like to look more closely at what our readers would like to see redone, and why. List your choices. Put on your debating hat and get ready to defend your favorites. From the list you provide, we will select a final list that we'll post as a poll in the coming days, in order to find out which remake possibilities can beat out the rest in a fanboy fight of epic proportions.

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