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Shipping this week: finish the wait edition


Well, kiddies, here we are. While a select few have managed to snag a copy early, the vast majority of gamers will be picking up their copy of Halo 3 this week. A good number of those gamers will be standing in line tonight at midnight (including us) to get it as soon as humanly possible. Yes, Halo fans will finally get their sweet, sweet nectar, while the Halo haters will finally get some respite from the terrible beast. We'd love to tell you that this means the end of non-stop Halo coverage on X3F, but don't count on it.

But enough Halo 3! After all, it's not the only game coming out this week. Why, just look at all these other fine games:

  • CSI Hard Evidence
  • Hot Wheels Beat That
  • World Series of Poker: Battle
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance Enhanced: Platinum Hits
Seriously though. If you're waiting in line for Halo 3 tonight, make sure that when you finally get to the checkout counter you ask for a copy of Hot Wheels Beat That. Take note of the confounded look on the employee's face when you ask, and treasure it. Remember, it's the little things in life that matter the most.

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