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Time Warner Cable's new HD channels in October

Ben Drawbaugh

Some providers can't stop talking about when they'll add new HD channels, while others would rather keep things under wraps 'till the new programming goes live. While both strategies have their advantages, not communicating with your customers is usually not a good idea. It appears now that TWC has quite a few plans for HD expansion in October, as customers in at least one market can expect to see many of the same channels DirecTV has been touting including, TBS HD, The History Channel HD, CNN HD, Lifetime Movies HD, and Food Network HD. While TBS HD is expected to go live in time for the MLB playoffs on October 1st, the rest are expected on October 15th. We can only assume that TWC and Bright House Networks customers all over the country will see these channels around the same time, but without a specific announcement, your guess is as good as ours.

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