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Final Fantasy XIII finally operating on PS3 hardware

Nick Doerr

It was bound to happen eventually. Final Fantasy XIII has been confirmed to have entered the land of PS3 hardware. Yep, the White Engine is up and running on the PS3, so those graphics we've drooled over are apparently going to be exactly what we see in the final build. No surprises -- this is Square Enix, after all. What isn't clear is how recently this change took place. Was it on PS3 hardware at TGS? Was it on PS3 hardware at E3?

Either way you paint it, the canvas is still mostly empty; if FFXIII is just not getting onto the PS3 hardware, we'll probably not see it in 2008. Not very surprising, since FFXII took nearly five years to develop, granted there were a lot of hardships felt by many of the people involved in the game during development. Also revealed is that the December issue of EGM is going to feature FFXIII as one of its headlining previews, so if you're itching for info on the game, run out and snag that issue when it comes out. We'll be on top of it as well!

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