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Harvest food for everyone

Mike Schramm

Mania's got another good tip for Hunters (man, she's just got tons, doesn't she?). This one's specifically about the Harvest Festival, which went live with patch 2.2 today, and lasts through the week.. The best part of Harvest Festival is, of course, the free food, and so Mania reminds you that Harvest Boar, Harvest Fruit, and Harvest Fish are free, most pets will eat at least one of them, and they're sitting around tables all over Azeroth for you to pick up right now. They stack unique only up to 20 each, apparently, but free food is free food, and considering all the stuff Hunters have to pay for, you Hunters probably want to make at least one stop to grab chow sometime this week.

And while we're talking about Harvest food, I'll remind you about Bounty of the Harvest, a "hidden" quest reward from the Harvest Festival. Blizzard's page only lists the two books as the rewards of the Hero Tribute quests (outside Ironforge and Ogrimmar, for Alliance and Horde), but after finishing those quests, you'll get another reward in the mail-- a horn that conjures four Harvest bread every 12 hours, even after the festival is over. The food grats 2% healing per second while eating, so if you're a Warrior who needs to eat, or a Hunter who has a pet who can eat bread, it's good stuff.

Supposedly the Bread even used to stack with other food, but I just tried it in game, and I had no such luck-- I only had one food buff, and it was the last thing I ate (either the 2% or whatever the other food was). Still, being able to conjure 4 bread in a pinch is always a plus. Harvest food for everyone!

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