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Have you had your moment yet?

Matthew Rossi

By "your moment" I mean that one, shining, crystalline moment of clarity when you finally feel like you 'get' World of Warcraft and why you play it. Technically as a player you could have many such moments - perhaps the first time you make a kill in PvP and finally feel like you understand how to do it, or the first time you successfully run an instance, or the first time you tank a major boss, or the first time your raid drops a major progession milestone... but it's just as likely to be when you dinged 40 and got your mount, or first stepped through the Dark Portal into outland. It's unique to you and yet you may well share it with hundreds if not more of your fellow players.

For me, the biggest moment was also my biggest screwup - tanking Onyxia in PvP gear with a 2h weapon. It made the game really click for me because 20 people pulled together in the face of my colossal screwup to kill Ony anyway. I've really never felt closer to a guild before or since than I did at that moment, and I've never had such a feeling of triumph when the boss finally hit the ground. It wasn't our first Ony kill, we were on much more challenging content, and I've since gone on to raid level 70 instances... but that Ony kill was special.

So I ask you, gentle (and not so gentle) readers: what was your moment? Have you had it yet?

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