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Non-game wins Great Canadian Video Game Competition


Telefilm Canada announced the winner of its Great Canadian Video Game Competition: a game called MindHabits Trainer designed for the DS. The game is intended to increase social aptitude and create positive feelings toward social interactions, through daily minigame sessions.

Developer MindHabits received $50,000 in January to work on the game after passing the first round of the competition. They went on to best Hobby Shop for Wii and Ambush! Trivia for PC, Xbox Live Arcade and cell phones as the title that most exemplified "the Canadian creativity and innovation that our panel of esteemed industry judges was looking for," in the words of Telefilm executive director Wayne Clarkson.

We'd definitely play a game about boosting our social skills. There's definitely a need for it, let's say. And, even though it doesn't sound like the most entertaining of concepts, we didn't think we'd like a game about doing math problems and memorizing numbers either.

[Via Gamasutra]

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