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Supercircuits' micro-DVR stores heaps of steamy data

Darren Murph

We've no way of knowing whether Supercircuits' newly released micro-DVR is actually the "world's smallest," but two- x two-inches is mighty minuscule, regardless. The MDVR14UG is designed to be "concealed into the smallest of objects including soda cans, thermostats, clocks, as well as wearable covert gear," and is reportedly capable of capturing "full resolution" video at 30fps. Moreover, it can be set to record only when motion is detected, controlled with an IR remote, and hardwired for constant power (or receive juice from an optional Li-ion battery pack). The unit records footage directly to an SD flash card and should be available in non-wearable ($250) / wearable ($350) forms real soon.

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