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Tetris architect Alexey Pajitnov confirmed for UK's GameCity

Jason Dobson

Tetris mastermind Alexey Pajitnov will speak during next month's GameCity industry festival in Nottingham, England. The man whose classic puzzler turned us all into 'Game Boys' will join other presenters, including the previously announced Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, who will deliver the event's keynote address and show off his upcoming title Nobi Nobi Boy.

According to IGN, Pajitnov will host a series of Tetris-themed events during the 4-day celebration, including an attempt by Tetris guru James Clewitt at besting the Tetris scoring record, as well as a screening of the documentary Tetris: From Russian with Love. This year's GameCity will take place at multiple venues in Nottingham from October 24-28.

Speaking of Tetris records, you seen these hands at work:

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