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Verizon FiOS moving towards IPTV

Steven Kim

Verizon announced that it will transition its FiOS TV service to an IPTV model over the next three years. Even though Verizon doesn't have plans to provide unique/exclusive content, the "request-send" IPTV model has advantages over traditional "push" broadcast in today's increasingly fragmented entertainment space. Verizon is betting that these differences will differentiate FiOS TV from its more traditional competitors, according to analyst Adi Kishore. VOD, interactive features, and place-shifting can all be pitched directly to customers, but there are advantages for Verizon as well. First and foremost, of course, is the one-two punch of microscopic user metrics and targeted advertising. That pipe flows both directions, and as FiOS evolves, expect use of the upstream side to increase. Still, providing tailored access to non-exclusive content is an interesting alternative strategy to generic access to exclusive content.

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