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Analyst says Take-Two on right path


Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey thinks that Take-Two is ready to show investors the money. Hickey says that Take-Two's management turnaround is working well and that higher than expected sales of BioShock and the release of Manhunt 2 will be good for their fourth quarter. Things should only improve next year with GTA IV and Mafia 2.

Then Hickey brings on the crystal ball part. Hickey says that he thinks Take-Two will bring BioShock to PS3, PS2, Wii and handhelds in the company's 2009 fiscal year. Although the PS2, Wii and handheld versions will clearly not be up to the standards of the BioShock we know, the PS3 version would be nice. The whole idea seems unlikely given current information, but if it's all happening a year or two from now it seems plausible. BioShock could always do the exclusivity on a platform for a bit and then transfer over, Take-Two got very good at doing that with Grand Theft Auto back in the day. The real question is if BioShock II ends up being exclusive? There's much money to be made by the return to Rapture.

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