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Geek immortality is bestowed on one of our own


True geek heroes are made, not born. Well, the truth is, they're drawn -- by Nitrozac, in the perennial fan favorite Joy of Tech webcomic. The tech luminaries that have cartoon avatars include Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates... and now, disguised as a young Carrie Fisher, our own iPhone-hacking Rebel Alliance undercover leader Erica Sadun. You have to see the full version to really appreciate it. (Might as well play the theme while you read.)

I'm not sure where this ranks on Erica's list of life achievements (after all, she was quoted by the Associated Press this week), but it's a nice tribute to her hard work and dedicated efforts on behalf of iPhone users everywhere. From all of us at TUAW, thank you Erica and way to go, Joy of Tech!

Thanks David & everyone who sent this in.

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