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JVC's DLA-HD100 1080p D-ILA projector: twice the contrast, twice the price of 3LCDs


Nearly a year after the announcement of JVC's DLA-HD1 1080p projector come this, their DLA-HD100. The latest projector to sport a trio of 0.7-inch D-ILA devices doubles the reported contrast ratio to 30,000:1 while scaling back the lumens from 700 to 600 of the same 200W bulb. Inputs include 2x HDMI v1.3 supporting your choice of 1080/24p/50p/60p sources; component, S-Video and the ubiquitous composite connectors. A 2x zoom lens offers a 100-inch projection from a distance of 10- to 20-feet. This 24dB projector is expected in Japan mid November for ¥840,000 or about $7,312 -- right, about twice the price of the latest generation 1080p 3LCD projectors offering less than half the contrast. Decision, decisions.

[Via Impress]

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