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Patch 2.3 and you: Professions edition

Eliah Hecht

There are a few interesting changes on the horizon of patch 2.3 for the gadget (and explosive) fans among you. The engineers are a long-suffering bunch, and it seems every patch promises engineering improvements, but fails to deliver. In 2.3, at least, we know exactly what we should be getting: flying mounts, as you know about from earlier this evening, and now repair bots. And there's a bit in here for cooks, as well:

  • And for your dedication, flying mounts for engineers only will be available in patch 2.3. There will be normal and epic versions of this mount for you to parade around and show how proud you are to have passed all the exams and call yourself an engineer. (Bornakk)
  • I also heard this rumor that some Gan'arg Analyzers in Blade's Edge Mountains stumbled upon plans of a new Field Repair Bot and are hoarding them for their own purposes. Anybody plan to investigate this in patch 2.3? (Bornakk)
  • I saw me one uh them new repair bots! I swears it! It wasn't tweren't not only repairin' items, it was hawkin' wares! I never didn't not did not didn't see nothing not like it never in my life! (Drysc)
  • You'll need cooking to be at a relatively high level to complete the cooking daily quests that are coming in 2.3, so I recommend leveling it up. ;-) (Bornakk)
Yay! Yay yay yay! Er...sorry about that. Flying mounts and new repair bots would have to be my two biggest engineering wants for BC. And what do you think they'll be selling? Food/water and reagents is my guess. That would be amazing. How are you engineers feeling now? And speaking of food and water: cooking daily quests? Awesome.

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