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Patch 2.3 and you: Warrior edition [UPDATE: Weapon Mastery nerfed]

Eliah Hecht

What, you thought just because no one understands your job you were going to be excluded from the patch 2.3 love-fest? Not a chance. Get in here, meatshields! (See below for the new Weapon Mastery nerf.)

  • [Warrior] Yes, we do plan to reduce the chance for Mace Specialization to occur in patch 2.3, but it will provide 7 rage instead of 6. (Bornakk)
  • [Warrior] We also plan to have healing reduction effects affect all drain spells and abilities. As the example that most people bring up, Mortal Strike will affect Drain Life. (Bornakk)
  • [Warrior] While arms/fury warriors aren't meant to be as good as protection warriors at tanking, we do plan to make an additional to Tactical Mastery that may help them out. This talent will grant greatly increased threat from Mortal Strike and Bloodthirst when in Defensive Stance. (Bornakk)
  • [Warrior] It may also simplify things a bit to when we make Devastate combine the effects of Sunder Armor into it's effect and be affected by all talents and items that affect Sunder Armor. We plan to make this happen in 2.3. (Bornakk)
I confess, I don't really understand what Bornakk means when he says "combine the effects of Sunder Armor" into Devastate's effect. Anyone? Does he mean that Sunder will basically be never used if you have Deva? Update: yes. "The idea is for the people who have Devastate it will be able to replace Sunder Armor on your bar" (source). And what do you think about the Mace Spec change: buff or nerf, overall?

Update: Since posting this, a new change has come to light. And it isn't a happy one.
  • The Arms talent Weapon Mastery is going to be significantly changed. Instead of providing 50/100% chance to avoid Disarm effects, it is going to reduce the duration of Disarm effects by 25/50%. The reason for this is that having full immunity with this talent really took the idea of disarming out of the game and we want it to be more viable. (Bornakk)

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