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    Sony's iMac-ish VAIO VGC-LT19U reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Sure, Sony's been kickin' out iMac-like machines for some time now, but the firm's latest all-in-one desktop made a pit-stop by the PCMag labs in order to get critiqued. The sleek, stylish VAIO VGC-LT19U fared pretty well, and the built-in Blu-ray burner, dazzling 22-inch panel and satisfactory integrated speakers were all given a thumbs-up. Granted, you won't find any drool-worthy hardware on the CPU / GPU fronts, but the machine was said to run quietly thanks to its reliance on "laptop-grade components." The only major digs revolved around the lackluster mouse / keyboard combo and the "obscene" amount of bloatware that comes loaded on, and of course, the folks were none too pleased to see an external CableCARD tuner (hard to avoid, we know) bundled with an otherwise elegant machine. All in all, the system seemed to perform quite well, and in our book, earning four out of five twinkling stars (or red dots, whateva) ain't half bad.

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