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The HD Guru reveals the flaws in the latest HDTVs

Ben Drawbaugh

Every year when we get our hands on all the new HDTVs we just can't see how they could get any better -- at least until next year's sets are released. With every generation the problems from the previous are resolved, but we somehow find new issues that were previously unnoticed. Last year they uncovered the bob versus weave when de-interlacing 1080i, and still many TVs throw away half the lines. This year the HD Guru discovers that there is a significant loss in resolution when there is motion -- you know like when the camera pans or a player runs down the field. What he discovered is very interesting, but not surprising; Plasmas fared the best with a loss of 18.52%, microdisplays were next at 27.78% and the LCDs were last at 44.45%. Unfortunately we'll have to wait to see how each individual model fared, but until then, it appears that Plasmas are still the king when it comes to picture quality.

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