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The Urballoon art installation has a message for you


What is it about art and technology? People just can't get enough of it, and yet, it hardly ever seems to be any good. Far be it from us to pass judgment, however, on the Urballoon -- an "urban media space" wherein a balloon hovers three stories in the air, equipped with a projector and a wireless connection. The balloon / projector is used to "broadcast" images or text sent to it via a website onto the ground below. Anyone can hop on the page and create a message for the balloon, so we'll assume they have very good profanity filters. The artist behind the project, Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena, says that the Urballoon, "Seeks to juxtapose emerging notions of mobility, P2P networking, syndication and blogging with traditional uses of social space, broadcasting and outdoor advertising." Um... whatever you say, Carlos.

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