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Verizon celebrates two years of FiOS

Darren Murph

For some (like the folks who can't get it yet), it may not seem like Verizon's FiOS has actually been around for two whole years, but indeed it has. This month marks the two year anniversary of the fiber-based service, and Verizon is taking time out to boast a bit. Reportedly, "more than 25-percent of the customers [in its first market, Texas] who could subscribe to FiOS TV have done so," and as of June 30, 2007, Verizon FiOS TV "had 515,000 subscribers and was available to more than 3.9-million households in 12 states." 'Course, you could certainly throw a much larger party if nearly four-fifths of the states in our country weren't left out, but hopefully a few more of us will be included for the next bash.

[Via TVOver]

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