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Moment of Truth: iPhone Software 1.1.1 is out

Nik Fletcher

Earlier in the week, Apple's press release about how future software updates might well brick SIM-unlocked iPhones lit something of a fire - especially as the release stated "Apple plans to release the next iPhone software update, containing many new features including the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, later this week."

It's now later in the week, and the moment of truth for those who chose to unlock their SIMs, as the 152MB v1.1.1 update is now available via the iTunes Auto-Update. If you were one of the adventurous ones, the general consensus is to hold off from upgrading as the iPhone Dev Team have promised a re-locking tool within a week that should prevent your iPhone becoming an overpriced paperweight and allow you to enjoy the new iTunes Wi-Fi Store (and more) on your iPhone.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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