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Nomura on PS3: "all your visions are belong to us"

Nick Doerr

Nope, not a direct quote, but worth slapping up nonetheless. Tetsuya Nomura gets yet another Famitsu interview and he once again remains as silent as ever on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but that's okay. We generally like surprises so long as they don't end up severing one of our limbs. Still, he talked a little about his involvement in the game and some about the PS3.

Nomura claims he's never been so deeply involved in the development of a game and enjoys the freedom to take FF Versus XIII wherever he wants. He reminded everyone also that this game is exclusively and only for the PlayStation 3, as the end of the TGS trailer (which we're not allowed to see yet) the phrase "on PS3 ONLY" appears. He says despite some fan disappointment, there are huge advantages to focusing on only one console.

About the PS3, Nomura seemed to gush a little bit. The hardware plays a huge part in both XIII titles, and by using it properly "all visions can come true". The visuals, he says, are above anything else seen in the franchise and are very close to perfection in his eyes. But really, if the graphics were worse than XII, we'd have a problem anyway. We're glad the Square Enix developers are finally screaming PlayStation 3 exclusivity for the big FInal Fantasy titles, as not having those exclusive was a source of fuel for those who wished failure upon Sony.

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