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Possible Solution to the notMac Challenge

Mat Lu

Late last year we mentioned the notMac Challenge. Basically they were offering a largish sum of money (now upwards of 8 grand) for anyone who could duplicate the functionality of .mac for free. Now finally Ben Spink of CrushFTP has stepped to the plate with a possible solution, and they're calling for testers. The initial reports (including from one of our tipsters) seem promising, but more real-world testing is needed to assure that Ben has met the challenge conditions (with slight modification). So if you need .mac functionality, but balk at the price, this may very well be worth checking out.

The file for testing is available (dmg link) from Ben's server. Be sure to check out the discussion thread first, however.

Just for the record, Mark/Space offers a similar commercial product SyncTogether, but it sells for $49.95.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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