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BusySync for iCal

Nik Fletcher

When it comes to calendar sharing, we're certainly not short of options on the Mac. Do you use the (very excellent) Spanning Sync and use Google Calendar, or look for something a little more industrial and wait for iCal Server to ship with Leopard Server? Whilst both options may be tempting, for users on the same Local Area Network (LAN) there's BusySync, a new product that via the power of Apple's Bonjour technology makes it even easier to share calendars with read / write control.

According to the BusyMac website "BusySync lets you share iCal calendars with family and coworkers on a local area network without a dedicated server and with full read/write access". BusySync has just entered Public Beta, with no word on pricing - and as someone who has Bonjour-loving LANs at home and at the office, this is something I'm going to almost certainly be playing with in the coming weeks.

[Via Gus Mueller]

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