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Novatium's $113 netPC offered to internet-deprived MTNL customers

Darren Murph

While it's not quite free, folks in India that are having a hard time securing a PC (let alone an internet connection) will soon have another alternative. Reportedly, Novatium's stripped-down ₨4,500 ($113) netPC, which will be "connected to a centralized server in the locality by MTNL," will act like a dumb terminal in users' homes. Consequently, applications will all be stored outside of the actual PC, but customers will be allowed 2GB of remote storage and access to the internet, the latter of which will require "a small monthly fee." To promote the offering, the firms are touting the system as one that is immune to traditional viruses and provides a low total cost of ownership, and buyers can even choose whether they'd like to work on Windows or Linux. Sorry, Mac lovers.

[Thanks, Jagannath A.]

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